Unexpectedly robust demand for bank shares

Munich, 20 March 2023 – Currently, the financial industry must absorb multiple blows. The failures of US banks SVB and Signature and UBS’s takeover of Credit Suisse are sending bank stock prices into a tailspin. “Yet, the financial sector appears to be relatively optimistic”, Daniel Knoblach, General Manager of Super Global GmbH, asserts. “The number of enquiries from asset managers and family offices specifically seeking investment opportunities in bank shares and financial companies has recently increased.”
IBanking industry indexes had already plummeted following the closures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. After the announcement of Credit Suisse, which is far more critical for the global financial system, bank shares fell over 10% across the board. “For many market participants, however, this appears to foreshadow viable entry pricing”, says Knoblach.

As a result, institutional investors are primarily looking for investment possibilities for themselves or their clients to capitalise on the ostensibly expected upswing. “Appropriate investment possibilities can be generated relatively quickly by launching index-linked funds”, says Knoblach. “This demonstrates the robustness of our white label funds, which we are able to bring to market swiftly and affordably due to our structures and thanks to clear regulation.”

Institutional investors continue to anticipate a period of significant volatility in financial markets. “The all-clear has not yet been given”, Knoblach points out. Nonetheless, the US Federal Reserve’s explicit backing for US banks, as well as the Swiss Federal Reserve’s support in line with the Swiss government at Credit Suisse, give hope that there will not be a domino effect in the financial sector. In addition, market participants clearly differentiate between markets and institutions. “Even banks that had no problems were penalised”, Knoblach argues. “Investors are now paying close attention to who owns which bonds and how much liquidity they have.” SVB, for example, underwent a rigorous maturity transformation that, from a regulatory standpoint, would not have been permitted in this country. With an overall P/E ratio of only 6, there are undoubtedly entry prices available for selected stocks.

“For longer-term investors, central bank backing means that share prices can rebound and banks are able to get back on track”, Knoblach says. “Investors will then determine the precise characteristics of a product that will generate a profit.” This allows for the creation and testing of an index tailored to individual needs, which can then be implemented in a fund or certificate after approval by the supervisory authority. This solution also enables unregulated firms and family offices to provide their clients and investors with regulated and custodial securities.

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