New capital management company: Super Global GmbH commences operations

Munich, 16 November 2022 – Super Global GmbH, a new service capital management company, is starting its business. The BaFin-registered company specialises in issuing, managing and administering funds and securitisations.

Established in June 2022, Super Global GmbH officially commenced operations on 1 November 2022. The company is based in Munich and operates an independent branch office in Luxembourg. “It is our objective to offer our years of experience in structuring assets, investment vehicles and investment solutions to the German institutional capital market”, says Daniel Knoblach, Managing Director of Super Global GmbH.

The capital management company is already managing its first fund: a liquid trading strategy that is tailored to the regulatory and tax requirements of a Swiss family office. “With our team’s years of experience across all asset classes, we are able to comprehensively advise on fund type and location”, Knoblach adds.

The company’s two locations allow for investment vehicles to be launched in both Germany and Luxembourg. “Jointly with the product initiators, we will decide which form is optimal for them in each individual case”, Knoblach points out. “For some, funds issued in Germany will be advantageous while others will prefer securitisations under Luxembourg law.”

How quickly a product needs to come to market, the type of asset class and how actively trading is conducted are key factors to consider. “Securitisations typically allow you to get to market very quickly with very few restrictions on asset selection”, Knoblach highlights. “A fund, on the other hand, offers extensive regulation and therefore potential advantages for institutional investors in terms of reputation and reporting.” Super Global advises its clients on all aspects relating to investment vehicle and location, regulatory coordination and reporting. “Offering solutions from our two established locations in Germany and Luxembourg allows us to find and implement the optimal solution for client-specific requirements with pinpoint accuracy”, Knoblach says.

This makes the products interesting for small and medium-sized as well as for very large institutional investors. This is also where the company sees its main target group: “We mainly have enquiries from family offices, asset managers, pension funds and pension plans”, Knoblach explains. “In several of them, sustainability aspects play a major role” – an area in which Super Global also has extensive expertise. “It is becoming increasingly important, particularly for long-term investments, to detail the ESG fundamentals”, says Knoblach. In addition to the regulatory options, Super Global works with best-in-class second-party opinion (SPO) providers to provide this service.

Über Super Global

At its sites in Germany and Luxembourg, Super Global offers established investment vehicles with innovative solutions and sustainable product concepts. As an AIFM, Super Global DE combines tailor-made funds with services for portfolio management, risk management and administration. The Luxembourg-based company facilitates globally recognised and established securitisation solutions that are customisable and tailored to specific client requirements. Super Global provides set-up, regulatory structuring and ongoing administration.