International setup for US fund of funds strategy

Super Global Services SA is introducing a product that enables selected US funds in Europe to be invested as securities eligible for custody. “The AMC is being launched under the stringent Luxembourg Securitisation Act and involves service providers in Switzerland and Germany. It will also be available to investors from the Arab region”, says Daniel Knoblach, Board member of Super Global Services SA.

The strategy, which initially involves USD 100 million, targets institutional investors. “There is a significant demand to make a basket of US funds investable, tradeable and eligible for custody in this refined manner”, says Knoblach. “The Luxembourg legal framework for the securitisation of such strategies is proving to be optimal once again.”

Actively managed certificates (AMCs) are a regulated, fast and cost-effective way to quickly respond to market conditions or enable desired investments. For investors from the Islamic world, additional criteria must be considered, which can be achieved flexibly and transparently within the securitisation framework.

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