ESG services

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and refers to criteria used by investors and companies to assess the sustainability performance and sustainability responsibility of a company.

ESG services are services that support companies, investors and other stakeholders in the implementation and assessment of ESG practices.

ESG Rating

ESG service providers assess companies against various ESG criteria and produce ratings that help investors and other stakeholders understand the ESG performance of companies.

ESG reporting

Companies can comply with reporting standards to report transparently on their environmental impact, social responsibility and governance practices. As an ESG service provider, we can help companies prepare these reports and ensure that they comply with best practice.

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Sustainable financial products

As a service provider, we support financial institutions and asset managers in developing sustainable investment funds, bonds and other financial products based on ESG criteria.

ESG compliance and risk management

Super Global helps companies and private investors to identify, assess and manage ESG risks in order to minimise legal and financial consequences.

Stakeholder communication

Companies can engage stakeholders such as investors, customers and employees in their ESG efforts. As a service provider, we can help develop communication strategies and identify opportunities to improve stakeholder relations.

ESG of green bonds

When issuing green bonds, issuers must ensure that the funds they receive from the sale of these bonds are invested in environmentally friendly projects. This requires the incorporation of ESG principles to ensure that the projects meet high environmental standards and take social impacts into account.

Overall, ESG services are designed to help companies improve their sustainability performance, manage ESG risks and fulfil the requirements of investors and other stakeholders. The industry trend towards sustainability and social responsibility is unbroken.