Actively Managed Certificates & ETPs: more visibility through stock exchange listing

Super Global has expanded its reach by listing Luxembourg Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) also on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. “The listing at another German stock exchange in addition to Frankfurt represents a further gain in reputation and a quality feature for our AMCs and ETPs”, says Daniel Knoblach, Board Member at Super Global. “For both investors and the provider, this results in advantages in terms of trading costs and visibility.”

“Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs) represent an excellent vehicle for implementing innovative investment strategies and bringing them to market on a stock exchange”, Daniel Knoblach explains. The stock exchange listing qualifies the AMC as an ETP, thus introducing a new product category. “This listing offers benefits to all parties.” For the initiator of the strategy, the stock exchange listing results in advantages when approaching investors. “The listing ensures significantly higher visibility in the relevant channels”, Knoblach points out.

Investors, in turn, benefit from swift tradability and straightforward access to the products. “ETPs are primarily designed for institutional investors, with a minimum investment threshold of 100,000 euros”, Knoblach remarks. The stock exchange listing enhances transparency, allowing for easy visibility of prices as well as public accessibility and facilitating convenient sales transactions.

“AMCs issued under the Luxembourg Securitisation Act have established themselves as a versatile alternative to more cumbersome and, above all, more expensive investment funds”, Knoblach concludes. “By listing these AMCs on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, we’re providing a significant boost to this investment method.”

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