Actively Managed Certificate (AMC)

An AMC is a financial product (similar to a fund) that is actively managed by a professional investment manager. The NAV of the AMC is based on the investment strategy chosen by the Manager.

AMC combines advantages of mutual funds and fixed income securities

An Actively Managed Certificate combines advantages of mutual funds and fixed income securities. An AMC can invest in underlyings, including equities, bonds, crypto, commodities or derivatives. An AMC transforms your investment strategy into a security – tailored to your requirements (maturity, interest rate, currency, etc.).

The AMC receives an ISIN as well as a stock exchange listing if required. It is bankable and clearable and can be purchased through a bank account. The daily performance is also visible in the price of the AMC. Investors can easily and transparently participate in your investment strategy.

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Luxembourg as a globally established location for Actively Managed Certificates

Issued by the Super Global issuing platform in Luxembourg, there is no issuer risk, unlike for example with bank certificates or off-shore issuers. As a globally established and leading location for AMCs, Luxembourg offers significant advantages in the form of a securitization law, EU-location as well as the audit requirement by an auditor. Institutional investors in particular highly value the tax and regulatory advantages of Luxembourg AMCs.

For investment managers, AMCs offer substantial advantages. Tax-optimized (DTA) and cost-effective, a large number of clients can be managed in an AMC, with the associated cost and time savings.